Start a Project through OPF

How it works

You or a group can start a project through OPF to create permanent, physical improvements to a park. Funds can also be donated to support an established park program, such as day camps, awareness campaigns, or community center programs.

We will handle the collecting and raising donations for you through Omaha Parks Foundation. Because OPF is a 501(c)(3) organization, all gifts are tax deductible. We hold the funds until needed for the project.

Read the full Project Fund Policy

Example: Parkside Park South

The Challenges

  1. Not suited for children’s play
    • Redundant equipment
    • Increased rate of injury from circular monkey bars’ fall heights 
  2. Underutilization
    • Underutilized due to its out-of-date nature and poor maintenance
  3. Safety concerns
    • Visibility is hindered by many trees, providing an opportunity for unsavory behavior.
    • A new, more frequently used, park will detract from these types of activities and increase the overall safety of our neighborhood.

Existing structures at Parkside Park South. 

Rendering for new, renovated Parkside Park playground structure.

The Vision

A new play structure that blends in with the beauty of the parks natural surroundings. 

A new park will create an inviting space where MTPG residents can gather, children can play safely and effectively while enjoying the natural beauty around it.

Not only will this enhance the quality of life for the neighborhood youth, but will spur communal interaction, strengthen property values, and pride within the MTPG Neighborhoods.