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Help powder coat Hanscom's new gazebo

Rising from the ashes

In September 2022, months before the park turned 150 years old, the Hanscom gazebo was burned to the ground in a suspected arson. Once a beautiful welcoming structure was left a pile of rubble. 

Gazebos (formerly called bandstands) have been a staple in Hanscom Park nearly its entire existence dating back to the 1890s. The destruction of the gazebo was a loss not only to the neighborhood, but also to the history of the park. 

In response to the terrible fire, local company Heartland Steel is generously donating a new gazebo structure – one that cannot be burned down. 

We need your help funding the powder coating of this new structure to make it colorful and welcoming! (And in celebration of Hanscom’s 150th anniversary)

Donations of any amount go towards the $8,000 we need to fundraise to powder coat this donated steel structure. Contribute to the next chapter in Hanscom Park gazebo’s story – one that will surely last longer than its predecessors’. Cheers to 150 years of Hanscom Park!