Memorial Benches and Trees

The Omaha Parks Foundation offers a Memorial/Heritage Tree and Bench Program which allows groups and individuals to donate trees or benches to commemorate special events, honor individuals or agencies, or as memorials to loved ones.

Trees and benches purchased through the program can be ordered at any time and installed/placed (as weather permits) in city parks, trails, golf courses, and playgrounds. We will try to honor your wishes for where you would like the bench or tree to be placed, pending park management considerations, or you may allow us to select the most appropriate place.

Once a memorial/heritage tree or bench has been donated, the Omaha Parks Foundation will send an acknowledgement to the recipient’s family notifying them that their loved one has been honored/memorialized in this special way.  We also have an option to have the name of the individual for whom the donation is made on a plaque (Up to 65 characters) to be added to the tree/bench.

Memorial or Heritage Bench - $2,000.  Includes bench, inscribed plaque, concrete padding and installation.
Memorial or Heritage Tree - $600.  Includes tree, installation, and inscribed plaque.

If you would like to donate a tree &/or bench to honor another or would like more information, please call: 402-708-0075. 

Please note: payment is due at the time of order. These donations qualify as a charitable contribution tax deduction as the Omaha Parks Foundation is a IRS recognized 501(c)3.

Memorial Bench and Tree Application

Please fill out the information below if you are interested in purchasing a Memorial Bench or Tree. After submission of application, applicant will be contacted by OPF or Park Planner to confirm details. Payment is due at the time of order. Once form is approved, an invoice will be sent.
If you'd like to fill out the application by hand please print the following form: Memorial Bench and Tree Application, and send it to us at 11225 Davenport St. Suite #108.

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Memorial Information
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Bench Includes: Bench Inscribed Plaque, Concrete Padding and Installation. / Tree Includes: Tree Inscribed Plaque and Installation.
Must be public property within Omaha, and there is no guarantee that the memorial bench or tree can be placed in the preferred location.
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