Project Fund Application

The Omaha Parks Foundation can accept and manage funds to help individuals and community or neighborhood groups improve their local parks, public trails, community centers, park programs, or park awareness campaigns.  Through this program, individuals and groups interested in improving a park can raise funds and make charitable donations to OPF, a 501(c)(3) organization, and designate those donations for a specific park project.

OPF is only able to accept funds for projects on public property in the Omaha area.  Prior to OPF accepting any funds for a specific project impacting City of Omaha property, the City of Omaha, Department of Parks, Recreation, and Public Property must approve the project and agree to undertake the project once funding is complete.  OPF cannot accept funds for projects on private property.  Please note:  in the event a project is:  terminated prior to completion or fails to receive any donations or make any payments for a period of 3 years, OPF, in its sole discretion, may transfer any remaining funds to another project fund. 

If you are interested in establishing a fund through OPF for a specific park project, please click on the links below to download the application form and OPF's Project Fund Policy.  Please submit completed applications online or to the address listed on the form and the OPF Board will review the application at its next regularly scheduled Board meeting.

Please review the Project Fund Policy and contact Omaha Parks Foundation to discuss the projectbefore filling out the application below. Or send us your application through mail by printing the Project Fund Form. Applicant will be contacted by OPF once application has been submitted.

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Project Request Information
Must be Public Property within Omaha
If applicable, a proposed Budget will be requested after application has been submitted.
If applicable, a proposed sketch/drawing will be requested after application has been submitted.