Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) Epidemic

EAB is an invasive Asian beetle that was first discovered in Michigan in 2002. Since its discovery it has killed billions of ash trees across 24 states and it is currently only 80 miles away from Omaha. Currently Omaha has 11,000 ash trees on city right of ways and maintained park land and an estimated 31,000 in forest areas of city parks alone. EAB could potentially destroy up to 14% of Omaha's tree canopy which is why the Omaha Parks Foundation has partnered with the City of Omaha Forestry Division to help with the recovery of trees lost to EAB. In 2016, 1,794 city trees were removed which included ash trees. Each replacement tree costs about $200. Click the Donate button to help fund the prevention of further tree loss.