What is the mission of the Omaha Parks Foundation?

The mission of the Omaha Parks Foundation is to bring resources necessary to enhance the quality of our park system.

The City of Omaha Parks Department has created a dynamic parks and recreation system over the past 150 years.  As the city has grown, so has the continued need for parks, trails, and playgrounds.  Recognizing that the parks system is vital to improving the lives of all Omaha residents, enhancing economic development, and encouraging healthy lifestyles, the Omaha Parks Foundation was created in 2010.

In a time of high demand for government resources, the Omaha Parks Foundation is an independent 501(c)3 fulfilling the need for a private-public collaboration to improve Omaha's Parks.  Although we work closely with the Omaha Parks & Recreation Department on many projects, we are a private-fiduciary partner to multiple government and non-profit institutions.  A Board of Directors governs the Foundation. 

Priorities of the Foundation and its Board of Directors include:

  • Inspire people across the entire community to elevate Omaha’s park system to a new level
  • Encourage a healthy quality of life for all residents and visitors
  • Support enhancement and accessibility to Omaha Parks, playgrounds, and trails
  • Be a resource for citizens to support the City of Omaha’s Parks and Recreation system by serving as a charitable conduit for donations

The Omaha Parks Foundation enlists the help of individuals, corporate donors, and other charitable foundations in our efforts to conserve and enhance our city’s parks and green spaces.  Through our work, the Omaha Parks Foundation helps facilitate donations to community centers and several local projects, create awareness of issues that our parks, trails, and green spaces face, and help fulfill items from the city’s “wish list” of needs they are unable to fund.

We are a young, passionate foundation open to working with donors on their wishes and visions for improving the Omaha Parks and Recreation system.  If you have any questions, please contact Ann Hosford, OPF President, at 402-708-0075 or ann@omahaparksfoundation.org.

Who are the leaders of the Omaha Parks Foundation?

The Omaha Parks Foundation is led by an active Board of Directors and includes support members from the City of Omaha Parks and Recreation Department and Jaguar Group.

Ann Strauss Hosford, President
Mike Hinrichs, Treasurer
Tiffany Regan, Secretary
Kristin Crone, Board Member
Debra Parsow, Board Member
Paul Jeffrey, Advisor

Lorri Brockman, Administrative/Accounting, Jaguar Group
Brook Bench, Ex Officio/City of Omaha Parks and Recreation Director
Marquette Pick, City of Omaha Parks and Recreation Special Projects Coordinator